Bug Removal for Your Motorhome

As you travel with your motorhome, you should be aware of the possibility of bringing home with you the bugs from your vacation. If you do not want these pests to diminish the beauty and quality of your vehicle, then you have to follow the instructions below on how to remove the bugs and prevent them from nesting inside your motorhome.

You have to remember that bugs creep in to your motorhome because they find it to be a conducive place for feeding and breeding. Most bugs and other pests do love a kind of environment that is untidy and unclean. So if you think that your motorhome is starting to smell like an old junk shop, then you better start doing you cleaning, or else, you will surely end up with a lot of intruders inside your vehicle.

During your travel, make sure to bring with you a handy dandy vacuum cleaner so that you can easily vacuum every crumb on the floor and prevent mice, ants and other rodents to get attracted to it. You may also want to equip your motorhome with airtight sealed containers for your food and make sure to remove every bit of food you have in when you are not using your motorhome anymore.

Make it a habit to check every corner of your motorhome and seal the holes or gaps that you can see. These small passageways are large enough for bugs to get it and start to invade your second home. You can also use old time home products for your motorhome too. Here are some of the examples:

  • Talcum powder
  • Ground coffee beans
  • Cayenne powder

These products are great to spread on passageways, because bugs are not able to tolerate the smell and chemical properties of these home products. Nevertheless, if you find these home products to be unsuccessful, you may always use the powdered type of insecticide and spread it all over the entrance and passageways.

You may also want to wax the outer body of your motorhome to prevent bugs from sticking and create a nasty stain that can also be very hard to remove.
Bug removal may be a very tedious job and may sometimes require professional help, especially if the case is already serious. Therefore, if you can, you should try to avoid these pests by following the tips I have for you above. Preventive measures are also enumerated above so that you can do the action before the bug bites.

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