Critter Intruders In Your Motorhome

One common problem most motorhome owners experience during vacations or even when parking the vehicle is what we call “critter intruders.” Critters are pests such as house mice, insects like spiders building their webs on every corner of the vehicle, and of course ants festering on crumbs scattered on the floor and unsealed food. These are considered pests inside a motorhome for it will not only diminish the beauty and quality of the interiors, but it can also malfunction the vehicle’s engine and electronics especially if the wirings are chewed by these intruders.

One reason why pests starts to invade your motorhome is because you are not that careful enough to keep it clean and tidy especially after driving it in a long distance. You should also be very careful to keep all of the windows sealed and other inlets where small insects can creep in. Most critters find a warm shelter during winter or cold seasons. So if you are having your vacation during the winter months using your motorhome, make sure that you are parking in a lot that is free from critters that can easily get in without you noticing. You should also inspect every angle of your motorhome to prevent any kind of gaps and holes that may serve as a passageway for all types of rodents and even ants. Silicone or even ordinary hard foams can be used as a sealer to fill in the holes and gaps in your motorhome. However, most people use the foam seal instead of silicone because you still have the chance to remove it if you need to work on the other side of the hole.

You can also use some products that will help you prevent the critters to intrude. Some say that the use of mothballs is one of the best options you can use. However, this option may not be the best for people who are travelling with pets such as dogs and cats and of course with families who have toddlers and children. This is because mothballs are highly poisonous and may cause terrible health damage when ingested.

If you do not want the smell of mothballs, you can also use fabric softener over the sheets around the motorhome. The fragrant smell of the fabric softener, does not only make the whole place smell clean, but will also prevent the rats and mice to nest in.

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