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  • Paul D. Barchitta

    I have owned a 1986 Prevost Liberty now for seven years . I love this coach and have kept up with its needs constantly .However ,I now have an electrical problem that needs to be fixed. I have reached out to the people who did extensive electrical work two years ago and they don’t even have the decency to return my calls. Even after doing $6000.00 worth of work on my coach . My problem is this . All of my receptacles and air conditions suddenly will not go on. Everything else in the coach works fine. I checked the inside breakers and they seem to be fine. However, the GFI in my bath ,which is a 4 wire receptacle ,I believe is a junction box which I think controls the receptacles and air conditions . There is no juice at all to these 4 wires. I also put a new GFI in with the same results .As any Prevost owner knows the exterior Electrical Compartments are very complex . You need to be an electrical engineer to understand what is going on in those boxes. Please – HELP. Paul Barchitta .