Fuel Pricing For Your Motorhome

It is said that almost two out of 10 families in the United States owns a motorhome or better known today as an RV or a recreational vehicle. But these people is quite hesitant to use them nowadays, because we all know that the larger your vehicle is, the larger is its engine, and the larger the engine is, the more fuel it will require. This is the main reason why more and more families are holding back when it comes to using their RV’s or motorhome because of the current state of our federal government which signifies that fuel will never ever be close to being completely affordable again.

In addition to this, RV owners are also starting to worry about the investment they have put on to their vehicle because of the possibility of engine stuck up may happen if the vehicle is not used for quite some time. Many concerned groups are now experimenting and finding ways on how to find the perfect solution to the fuel efficiency problem of RV’s. Unfortunately, none has materialized yet.
To give you an idea on the different expenses you should consider when having a vacation using your RV, please see the bullet points below:

  • Fuel – either gas or diesel, this primary expense will definitely cost a lot. Example: If you are travelling 500 miles, and your engine requires at least 8 gallons of fuel per mile, and let us just say that one gallon of gas is about $5, then you will be shelling out $312.5 already! That is for fuel alone. You still have to consider the other expenses below.
  • RV Park admission
  • Utilities (Electric, Water, Satellite TV)
  • Food
  • Entertainment – this is your expense when you decide to go out of your RV to explore the place you are in.

These are just some of the expenses you have to consider when traveling or vacationing using your RV. Nevertheless, the list will always depend on how you want your vacation to be.

Although the hurting truth says that we can’t do much about the fuel efficiency of our RV’s, probably all we can do is to practice simple guidelines in maximizing our vehicle’s fuel efficiency by minimizing our speed, make sure that the weather is in good condition when travelling in order to get better mileage, and of course to check our vehicle tires and make sure that they are perfectly inflated and aligned for a smoother and more economical run.

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