Guidelines on How to Clean the Inside of Your Coach

There are a lot of articles about the right way to clean the outside of your motorhome, RV, or coach, but not so many articles can be seen that will give you great tips on how to clean the inside of this large vehicle, which I think is equally important as maintaining the outer beauty of it.


Therefore, I decided to come up with a good method of cleaning the inside of your coach the right way, yet the easiest method one can ever do. Now, cleaning your coach can be easy as ABC if you and the people using it are aware of some habits that will prevent more dirt to come in. This will include removing your shoes or slippers in one corner of the coach, and never to walk inside with it, that may bring whatever dirt or grime you have stepped on outside the vehicle.


Using door mats in every entry way or in any place where traffic is heavier. The mats will be able to catch the dirt from your shoes and prevent it from scattering inside your vehicle’s flooring.


Make sure that you have the necessary cleaning tools such as spray bottles for the cleansers and other liquid agents for cleaning, scrubs and brushes, cleaning towels, and of course your vacuum cleaner.


The cleaning agents you have in your spray bottle will help you clean tops, seating areas as well as the sink and windows in order to sanitize them well. You can use scrubs and brushes (can be old toothbrush) to scrape all the debris in hard to reach areas. Cleaning towels may also help by polishing counter tops and appliances inside your coach. Do not forget your vacuum, because this will allow you to easily clean the entire area including the whole flooring of your coach.


Remember, keeping the inside of your coach is very important. In order to maintain the quality and value of your vehicle, you should not only focus on the outside of the vehicle, but the inside as well.

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