How to Clean the Outside of Your Coach

Your coach will give you the best comfort that you need during your road vacation trips. Regardless of the place you want to visit, you can be sure to have your very own home away from home. However, as you drive from one place to another, your coach is sure to catch as much dirt as it can along the way. Cleaning the outside of your coach is necessary if you really want to maintain the level of standards of your vehicle when it comes to elegance and style. In addition, cleaning the outside of your coach will also maintain its value and keep the outer body of your vehicle well preserved.

Of course, it may not be possible to clean your coach during your vacation. Therefore, you only do this right after your trip, when you are ready to park your coach in your garage again. Listed below are several tips on how to clean the outside of you coach to keep it in its tiptop condition all year around.

General Guidelines on How to Clean the Outside Of Your Coach

  1. You must find a place where you can clean your coach. The space will depend on how big your coach is, for you have to have enough space to move around in order to reach all corners of your vehicle. Make sure that there is proper drainage for water in that given space, as you will likely use tons of water to clean your vehicle.
  2. Get a bottle of bug spray and work it all throughout the body of your coach. This will easily remove the dead bugs around the body of the vehicle. Dead bugs cannot be easily removed by water alone. So to make cleaning easier, do this prior to sprinkling water to the body of your coach.
  3. Before turning on the water to wet the body of your coach, make sure that every window and other opening is all closed to prevent the water to come in and damage the interiors of your vehicle.
  4. Once the coach is fully wet, get a bucket of water and dilute 2-3 caps full of soap. The amount of soap depends on the brand, so you may want to read the labels before mixing it in water.
  5. Rinse the soap and dry. Note: You have to do these steps per side and not all sides at the same time.

Cleaning the outside of your coach usually takes a couple of hours to finish. Nevertheless, all depends on the size of your coach.

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