Towing Concerns for Your Motorhome

Someone may think that towing a motorhome is a simple operation, but there are many things to consider when it actually does. When we are going to tow them by attaching another vehicle, it becomes a difficult task. We have to plan well and consider many more factors before towing a motorhome. We should control the total weight of both vehicles and there should be a mechanism to stop rolling them when going down.

Before towing your motorhome, make sure to learn what you need to know. First read the owner’s manual of the motorhome carefully. It may contain necessary recommendations regarding the motorhome towing which are stated by the manufacturer. Make sure to follow those guidelines when you are going to tow your motorhome or RV.

Check whether the vehicle you are going to use for towing does not exceed the safe towing weight. Make sure whether the combined weight of your motorhome and the tow vehicle with all their components are within the Gross Combined Vehicle Rating (GCWR) of your motorhome. Never try to tow a motorhome that has larger weight than the vehicle you use to tow it.

Towing your motorhome can be done in three ways. First one is you can tow it simply with all four wheels on the ground. Second, you can tow it by lifting the drive wheels by a dolly. Third method is you can put your motorhome in a trailer by lifting all wheels from the ground. However, the method you need to use depends on the manufactures recommendations and on the type of transmission that tow vehicle has. There are some instances where the transmission can damage when lifting the drive wheels. Therefore, it is better to contact manufacturer before select a particular towing method.

Also, backing up your motorhome with the attached tow vehicle can damage both your motorhome and the tow vehicle. If you are not very much familiar with the backing up procedures, it is better to unhook tow vehicle before any kind of backing up.

It is necessary to stay on the safe side of the motorhome towing. Secure towing will help to ensure the safety of both vehicles and it also prevents vehicles from unnecessary accidents. So it is ideal to research about the proper towing methods before you do it.

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