Traveling with pets in your motor home

Many people choose to take their pets along when they are traveling in their motor homes. In fact, about 75% of travelers take their pets along the way. This is like traveling with the pet in your car but slightly different since the RV is larger and your pet might want to enjoy all the space available. This is why safety is very important and you should first look for a safe way to travel with your pet. You can fin lots of pet seatbelts, travel carriers, pet car seats and harnesses to ensure a save road trip for your little friend.

Safety is not the only thing that you need to check before hitting the road with your pet. Make sure that the camping spot that you desire allows pets and check all the restrictions because some camp sites allow a certain number of pets per family or pets that don’t exceed a certain size. If you have to leave your pet in the RV you should make sure that it has a lot of water and fresh air, especially in the hot summer months. Make sure that your pet has a tag with your phone number and location in case he decides to wonder off on its own. You will need to get some information about some nearby veterinary offices that can help you in case of medical care for your pet. You should also have a pet first aid kit with you and learn something about how to use the items in the kit. Don’t forget the pet leash because pets get agitated and confused in new places so you wouldn’t want your pet to stir things up. You should also carry a photo of your pet with you in case something happens and you need to ask people if they seen him.

Many people seem to enjoy spending time with their pets even when on the road and if you choose to take your little bundle of joy with you then you should take into consideration the few tips listed above. If you have everything in order then you and your pet will have a good time while on holiday in your motor home. Don’t forget to visit the vet before you go on the road to make sure that your pet can travel safety. Have a great vacation!

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