Water Purification Systems for Your Motorhome

Water is a necessity for any living being. We need lots of water to carry out our day-to-day activities and we need clean water for that. When we are at home, it is not very difficult to have purified water; but it could be equally difficult when we are traveling; especially, when we are at motorhomes.

So if you are the owner of a motorhome and travel regularly, equipment for water purification is one of the most important product that need to be considered. At motorhomes, we use water for all general purpose like drink, wash, clean, bath and flushing the toilets.

How do we identify the clean water? By just looking at the water, we cannot say that water is clean and safe for consumption. Even if we cannot see any visible particles floating in the water, there can be micro level impurities. Also, there can be many harmful bacteria. So, it is necessary to purify the water before consumption.

How to ensure the purification of water? There are different methods and the same can be applied over motorhome also.

  • The most popular and economic way is boiling the water. Boiling is one of the most reliable methods to kills harmful bacteria and impurities.
  • Distillation is another method. It is similar to the boiling and need to collect the vapor during the boiling process. Once the vapor contacts with a cool surface, it converts to a liquid. This is done mainly because some impurities will not remove during the boiling process.
  • Household beaching is another method that can be used to purify motorhome water. But it is not 100% successful because we cannot remove all impurities with this.
  • Filtration is another successful method. There are many types of water filters such as sediment filters, carbon filters and combination units. Different filters clean water into different levels. You can use any filter according to the degree of clean you need.

When considering above water purification methods, distillation is the method that can be used to clean water completely. But it is quite expensive and produces a little amount of water. Also, there is another method called ‘Reverse Osmosis’ that can be used to purify water completely.

Use most suitable water purification method to clean the water at your motorhome. It will help you to prevent many diseases which are always prevalent during journey.

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